Serving Franklin and Chittenden County Vermont since 1998

Residential Services

Curbside Service

Curbside Service

Our curbside service is convenient and environmentally friendly.  Our methods result in lower emissions, lower wear and tear on public roads, higher diversion rates and lower costs for our customers.

Container sizes/ materials

  • 32, 64 & 96 GALLON CONTAINERS
  • weekly or biweekly pickup

COmpost Collection

We are now adding compost collection to  our normal waste and recycling collection services. Please call 802 849 2309 or fill out our contact form to start composting today!

Our process

  • We provide a 6 gallon compost bucket with a snap on lid
  • line the bucket with a compostable or paper bag
  • set the container next to your waste and recycling containers
  • we will dump the containers on your normal pick up day


Call today to talk about your needs - 802.849.2309
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